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Redefining Meal Prep


*Produce is locally sourced when available

Clean Eating Can Be Hard


We get it... But we are here to make it easier! By creating perfectly portioned custom meals you never have to stress again or have a "surprise cheat day" because take out was your only option.

Fresh Ingredients


We are partnering with local farms to bring you the freshest ingredients possible!

Our Commitment


is to make your life easier by providing you with high quality, perfectly portioned, clean meals. We take the guesswork out of your nutrition to help you reach your goals faster!

How It Works

We Prep and Deliver!


Our chefs prepare and portion all of your meals from the freshest ingredients.

Then you await your delivery or meet us at one of our set pickup locations. It's up to you!

Build Your Meals

Tracking Macros? Have a meal plan? In the mood for something specific? Custom build each meal by selecting the meal-prep and bulk items you would like for the week.

Enjoy your food!


All of our meals come fully cooked, portioned, and labelled. Simply heat your meal and enjoy!

All meals are delivered in microwave safe containers for added convenience.

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